Naeun Talks About APRIL’s Comeback Concept + What Acting Role Left A Big Impression On Her

APRIL’s Naeun recently shot a pictorial for Elle magazine.

Naeun, in addition to preparing for APRIL’s upcoming comeback, has been active as an MC for show “Get It Beauty 2020.” In 2019, she appeared in the dramas “A-TEEN 2” and “Extraordinary You.”

In the interview accompanying the pictorial, Naeun was asked about her acting career. She said, “I believe that if I work hard at the roles I am given, it will feel natural, like slipping on my favorite clothes.” She picked Yeo Joo Da in “Extraordinary You” as the character that had left the biggest impression on her and said, “Next time, I want to try a character who is refreshing like cider.”

On APRIL’s upcoming EP, “Da Capo,” Naeun said, “We’ve always tried a bright and refreshing image, but this time we added a level of maturity.”

The full interview and pictorial will be available in Elle’s May issue.

Check out Naeun in the first episode of “Extraordinary You” below!

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