Nam Tae-hyun under suspicion of assaults and drug abuse + alleged “meth syringes” and “recordings” exposed

Article: “Nam Tae-hyun, drugs, assault…”Please give me the syringe”… Agency, “checking”

Source: Sports Chosun

Seo Min-jae is making waves with claims regarding Nam Tae-hyun.

On the 20th, Seo Min-jae uploaded a photo with Nam Tae-hyun and exposed him writing, “Nam Tae-hyun is a meth head” “The syringe he used is in my room or the office cabinet..” “He hit me.”

She deleted the post immediately, but after a while wrote again, “Nam Tae-hyun, I have your syringe!” “Nam Tae-hyun and me, the druggies”, “The syringe he used is in my room or the office cabinet..” “Oh, there is a recording on my phone..”

Netizens that saw the post made various speculations and expressed concerns. Some netizens asked whether Seo Min-jae‘s SNS had been hacked or whether she was in a dangerous situation or if Nam Tae-hyun really injected meth as she’s claiming. 

However, Seo Min-jae’s repeated strange behavior where she uploads several posts and deletes them is also causing confusion. Her writing is full of typos therefore it’s impossible to decipher the authenticity of her claims.

An official from Nam Tae-hyun‘s side stated, “We are checking the facts.”

Meanwhile, Seo Min-jae is known through through Channel A‘s ‘Heart Signal 3‘ and Nam Tae-hyun has been active in his band South Club after leaving WINNER.

  1. [+1,993, -7] She was probably out of it when she posted ㅋㅋ. Shouldn’t police be doing the investigation and not the agency?
  2. [+682, -11] WINNER members are the lucky ones to have kicked him out. He screamed at fans, was rude giving money and showed off his smoking on a live stream.. he two-timed Jang Jae-in too.. no matter how you look at it he’s definitely a druggie.
  3. [+280, -7] The answer isn’t in the agency checking whether its true, they should be reporting it to police to conduct investigations and reveal the truth. Anyone that injects meth should be exiled from society.
  4. [+234, -12] Aigoo ㅉㅉ I really liked her in ‘Heart Signal’ too. 
  5. [+183, -7] Honestly, when you look at varieties and dating shows these days, I doubt these people are living good lives. They’re all just attention wh*res. 
  6. [+105, -4] She ruined her life.. she’s going to get fired and hit with lawsuits.. what a pity. 
  7. [+103, -2] She was probably passed out from injecting drugs when she posted it.
  8. [+58, -1] The fact that she would post illegal crimes like injecting drugs on IG goes to show they’re both out of their minds.
  9. [+63, -7] Attitude scandals over parking fees, two-timing, drugs.. aigoo
  10. [+53, -1] Looks like she got the celebrity disease after gaining a bit of popularity for being a Hanyang Uni graduate ㅋㅋ

Additional source: Chosun Ilbo

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