NCT Dream’s Jeno, Jaemin, And Renjun Talk About Team Chemistry, Dreams They Want To Achieve, And More

NCT Dream’s Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin look charismatic in their summer pictorial for Arena Homme+ magazine!

In the interview with the magazine, the NCT Dream members talked about their hobbies in the summer. Jaemin shared that he enjoys water sports, such as riding a jet ski or yacht, Jeno revealed that he likes swimming, and Renjun shared that he enjoys the feeling of going on a drive while looking at the sunny sky and beach.

During the interview, Jaemin touched upon his team’s chemistry, commenting that the members were no different from family to him since they had known each other for seven to eight years. He explained, “Since we know each other so well, we don’t fight, and we have a relationship in which we can say what’s on our minds right away.”

Jaemin also shared that he tries his best to talk as much as he can while working to convey his bright energy. He added, “When I go back to the dorms, I stop talking. I’m the type to use my energy outside and recharge at home. My bed is a portable battery. At home, I enjoy listening to music alone, composing, or editing photos.”

In his interview, Renjun revealed that he enjoys imagining characters and stories before he sleeps. He shared, “For example, I think about what kind of life forms would exist in my world if I were a character in the movie ‘Avatar,’ and I imagine where I would go if I could fly.”

When asked if he believed in fate, Renjun replied that he did, using the moment he passed the SM Entertainment audition as an example. He shared, “Such an unbelievable thing occurred to me. I applied for the audition, but I had given up since there was no response. However, I got a call back while I was eating, and I screamed on the spot because I was so excited. I bought a ticket to the audition location the next day and participated in the global audition.”

Jeno chose TVXQ’s Yunho as someone he wants to take after because of his great passion. He commented, “It will be difficult to catch up to him, but I really want to be like him.” Jeno shared that before he became a celebrity, he used to enjoy studying, reading books, and doing puzzles. He shared, “I studied really hard in elementary school. Thinking about it, I really enjoyed doing things on my own.”

When asked how he thinks the members think of him, Jeno replied, “I think they see me as reliable. When we discuss important topics within the team, I’m naturally the one to speak. On second thought, rather than relying on me, it seems like they’re shifting over the difficult questions to me. Hahaha.” He also spoke affectionately about the members, sharing, “I can’t imagine what it would be like without them.” Jeno added, “We have a world of our own.”

Finally, the members talked about their dreams and goals. Jaemin shared that it’s important to dream big, and he elaborated, “My dream is that there would be even more fans who love us. In order to achieve that, we have to promote even harder.” Renjun shared that his dream is to earn approval from himself and to travel the world in the future, and Jeno shared that his dream is to become an amazing person who is also happy.

Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the July issue of Arena Homme+.

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