NCT Dream’s solo concert gets cancelled

SM confirmed that Renjun became the second member to test positive for COVID-19 and announced that the upcoming concert will be canceled

1. What….. What about the fans’ money?

2. I was disappointed after seeing the announcement of Mark’s absence, but I was hoping that the remaining 6 members would perform well, but I’m really sad that this has happened

3. Oh, the fans will be so upset

4. The members are probably really disappointed too

5. Can’t they do it without those two members??? There are fans from abroad, doesn’t NCT have a lot of members?

6. At least the agency is refunding all the tickets

7. Mark and Renjun tested positive for COVID-19, so why are you cursing at SM? I don’t know what the staff did wrong

8. We can’t blame everyone but this is so sad

9. Ahhh, I feel so sorry for the singers and fans ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

10. I understand why they are canceling the show but I’m so disappointed and so sad

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