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All I’m thinking of is that she’s freaking pretty and I’m jealous of the man

“Kim Yooyeon’s lovestagram before she went on My Teenage Girl got exposed

I’m not even surprised. She was a godly-commoner so this was expected”

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1. [+67, -6]

Nobody feels offended by this. They were dating when she wasn’t thinking about becoming a celebrity and instead, the fans are all fangirling on her saying that she was a god-commoner

2. [+53, -5]

They dated before she debuted so what’s the issue here?? It’d be weirder if she didn’t date anyone with that face

3. [+43, -2]

Wow but the people who took screencaps of all of this are so creepy

4. [+36, -4]

There’s a difference between a “maybe” than confirming it with your eyesㅋㅋ Most of her fans are men no? I watched one of her livestream and most of the commentors are menㅋㅋ

5. [+27, 0]

Whether she has male fans or female fans, isn’t she one of the more famous members because of the pseudo-relationship she fees? I think that she has lesbian fans too and those fans were kinda shocked. They said that they couldn’t fangirl on her anymore knowing that she’s not lesbianㅇㅇ

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