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– Until when is Hong Eunchae going to keep MCing like that?

> She has a sponsor 

I honestly still don’t understand why Hong Eunchae is still getting hate for her highschool 3rd year comment, but this is seriously crossing the line. Why are you treating a minor like that? Seriously the company needs to sue them

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1. [+65, -11]

This is just wrong 

2. [+61 ,-11]

This isn’t criticism anymore, this has become bullying, this is becoming as bad as sports. I hope the company can protect them. I hope she doesn’t read the IG or Youtube comments. How can they act like that towards a minor?

3. [+48, -9]

It’s not about her being a minor, joking about a sponsor just shows the degenerate level of these people’s brains… This is freaking disgusting ㅋㅋㅋ Le Sserafim’s SA comments are growing too freaking much. They should all die 

4. [+35, -6]

I hope they plan to sue them, but seeing how they aren’t is the biggest problem 

5. [+30, -23]

The f*ckers downvoting this post, what are you doing? Talk about brain dead 

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