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Looking at what they did with NCT and even how they handled other cases in the past, 

They will always release one legal notice, then they will submerge the entire group under water 

This it what they did to their sunbaes too when I was fangirling on them 

Their method is just so frustrating and annoying 

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1. [+45, -0]

For real, whether the rumors are facts or not, they will always just release a notice of legal actions and then remain silent… Then they act as if it never happened. But they don’t release any news about their lawsuit and the fans don’t even know where they can send their PDFs to. Seriously I’ve never heard a single result from SM’s lawsuits

2. [+28, -7]

SM thinks they have the general public in the palm of their hands. They think that no matter what controversy they get themselves into, there will still be people who will love them, and that’s the mindset they have 

3. [+23, -0]

SM thinks that maintaining silence is the strongest method, and this is their biggest problem

4. [+17, -2]

No but they really need to sue those Japanese b**** for this rumor this time. They literally turned them into p**verts, if they let this slide this time too… People will keep restarting this rumor over and over again

5. [+14, -1]

It’s because they know that no matter what happens, the SM fans will always stan them after waiting for a while, that’s why they’re like that 

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