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Her features were this sharp…? Honestly I thought she had surgery, but she looks exactly the same

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1. [+67, -12]
I agree with the comments under… She would suit a girl crush concept, but she also looks super good with feminine styling. Honestly, only her cordi was a bit strange in their debut showcase, but after that, she always looked pretty to me. People try to push the “she doesn’t suit the concept” agenda way too hard

2. [+53, -8]
Honestly her features were already so sharp ever since her debut… 

3. [+38, -5]
I’ve seen her videos ever since R U NEXT and I already knew she was natural. Seeing people bullsh*tting about her surgery is so unfair 
4. [+35, -2]
These kinds of comments are embarrassing 
“She gives me the vibe that she did too much surgery.ㅠㅠ
> Agree, especially her nose is overdone
5. [+34, -2]
She doesn’t suit her image at all so people don’t know she’s pretty 
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