Netizens are claiming that NMIXX’s coordi copied this brand

The brand that NMIXX’s coordi copied

A famous brand called ‘Frisk me good’ by a designer named ‘Cierra boyd’

1. JYP seems to have no conscience, they always plagiarize

2. JYP is always criticized for school violence and plagiarism

3. They copied it and then said it was inspiration, crazy..

4. In addition, the outfits in the MV were also controversial for plagiarism

5. Did coordi say that the original author inspired her/him?? I bet she/he doesn’t know what plagiarism is

6. I don’t like NMIXX’s outfits, but I thought the idea was unique, but it’s plagiarism

7. STAYC’s agency bought it, but JYP copied it..? They have a lot of money, but why didn’t they spend on the outfits?

8. Inspiration and copy are so different

9. It’s not pretty, why did they copy it?

10. It’s not inspiration.. It’s plagiarism

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