Netizens are confused by Chuu’s absence from LOONA’s first world tour ‘LOONATHEWORLD’

Notice of absence from group activities of Loona Chuu

1. The agency is really evil

2. Chuu earned money to feed the other members, but they didn’t pay any bills for 6 years.. This agency is trash

3. I hope she leaves this agency as soon as possible

4. I don’t know, but wasn’t there a lawsuit between Chuu and her agency?? Is it retaliation?

5. What’s more important than their tour?

6. No, Chuu is so popular overseas, so why?

7. What’s happening? She didn’t participate not because of health reasons, but because of personal schedule???? Which fan would agree?

8. The revenue from the tour must be greater than any other activity…. Is it because of the lawsuit?

9. Does she have a lot of personal schedules?

10. The tour is an important schedule for the group, but she can’t do it because of her personal schedule?

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