Netizens are curious why Jungkook and V didn’t go to big agencies instead of Big Hit

But why didn’t Jungkook and V go to big agencies in the first place?

I don’t know because I don’t learn about BTS, but their faces and skills are good enough to join big agencies. I think so, why did they go to Big Hit, a relatively small agency at the time? I’m suddenly curious… The two of them look so good

[+454, -95]

1. [+367, -35] Jungkook went to Big Hit because of Kim Namjoon

2. [+363, -39] V followed a friend to Big Hit’s audition and he was chosen alone, the company hid him as a secret weapon so that no other agency could get him

3. [+154, -9] Jin, V and Jungkook are not the faces that will appear in a small and medium agency together

4. [+121, -157] If they had gone to big agencies, they probably wouldn’t have debuted.. Especially with Kim Taehyung’s voice

5. [+117, -13] They’re seriously smart that they hid V

6. [+95, -4] Wow, Bang Si Hyuk has a sharp eye and he’s so lucky… The two of them grew up so well

7. [+87, -123] It’s not that they didn’t go to big agencies, maybe they weren’t chosen

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