Netizens are disappointed with ITZY’s new song ‘Mafia In The Morning’ – Knetizen

ITZY’s ‘Mafia In The Morning’ stage at showcase + MV

original post: theqoo

1. The lyrics are a bit awkward. Whose lyrics?

2. Whose lyrics? I just like the chorus

3. I don’t like the song but the concept and outfits are so cool

4. I’m sorry, but the song is really weird, the song is not my taste

5. Do you like this song? The lyrics are weird and they’re not good at rapping…

6. It sounds like SM boy group songs..

7. It sounds like a YG song..?

8. I don’t like this song… Park Jin Young is an idiot, don’t express yourself by touching ITZY’s songs

9. What a waste of their talents…

10. The song is really bad

11. The concept and stage are good, but the beat is too boring

What do you think?

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