Netizens are disappointed with LE SSERAFIM’s concept after seeing Kim Chaewon’s photos

LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon photos

1. I’m surprised that this hairstyle suits her so well, I thought she only suits long hair

2. No, this is their debut, but the concept is seriously cheap. What are you doing with pretty girls?

3. It looks like a Japanese magazine

4. This concept is so confusing and bad

5. I like Chaewon’s face, but she looks like a different person now

6. The people who planned it were antis, right? HYBE is the idol management company, right? It’s outdated, and it doesn’t suit them.. I don’t think they have any basic aesthetic

7. She’s pretty, but I think Kim Chaewon would look better with the cute concept.. It’s so strange because her image has changed compared to when she was in IZ*ONE

8. Why are you doing this to Chaewon? What is the concept?

9. It doesn’t suit her, the concept is so bad…

10. Chaewon is still so pretty ㅠㅠ But the concept is so weird…….

11. Umm.. I really don’t like this concept

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