Netizens are divided after watching IVE ‘After LIKE’ comeback show stage

IVE ‘After LIKE’ comeback show stage (high definition stage)

1. The song is good, but I feel the song lacks the fancy like Love Dive or Eleven, but it’s still vibrant

2. Oh, it’s like classic Kpop, maybe it’s because I liked Kpop back then, something that’s fun to listen to, but it makes me emotional

3. They’re not good at rapping, just don’t rap

4. The song is good but the camera is dizzy ㅠㅠ

5. They’re rookies, so why did they come out with this song ㅠㅠ It’s so outdated

6. Looking at the stage, I can see how bad the MV is

7. Wow, this is a song I want to sing along to. I think I will listen to it often

8. It’s a pity that Liz has few parts, but the song is so good

9. The song is good and the members are good too, but the concept and outfits don’t seem to match the song

10. I like the song, Jang Wonyoung is pretty, but she sings well too

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But what is the reason why female idols are so popular???

Jang Wonyoung who is good at using her facial expressions too