Netizens are divided over Aespa ‘Next Level’ live at Coachella

Aespa ‘Next Level’ live at Coachella

1. BLACKPINK and 2NE1 are still something.. They are overwhelming, but Aespa is still a rookie group so they will do better in the future. Winter sings live stably

2. They don’t sing, it’s like they want to scream out loud

3. Winter is stable, she seems to be the most talented

4. They don’t have much stage experience, but they’re doing so well

5. They sing live well, but the main stage looks boring.. Is it because they don’t have much experience?

6. The rap part is just noisy.. It’s not a song that’s suitable for a festival

7. They sang live better than I expected, but the choreography and stage were more boring than I thought

8. The stage looks empty

9. The stage is boring and they look like puppets singing on stage, they’re like a rookie group with no live singing experience

10. SM idols’ basic vocal skills are good, but I think I’m disappointed because my expectations are too high, especially NingNing

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