Netizens are divided over BTS Jimin ‘Proof of Inspiration’

BTS Jimin – Proof of Inspiration

1. It’s a bit sad that he doesn’t seem to care at all about his influence

2. Jimin fans, stop bullying the other members;

3. His voice is slightly different from when he sings. It sounds a bit quieter and younger

4. So ‘Filter’ is his choice.. I’m really disappointed

5. HYBE is really crazy… They kept that song even though they knew it was controversial

6. I’m looking forward to this album~ You did so well, Jimin-ah!

7. We always support Jimin, I want Jimin to do whatever he wants to do

8. Stop mentioning other members’ names. ‘Filter’ is a song that Jimin chose by himself

9. Why did you take the pictures taken by the other members and use them…?

10. This member always causes controversy..

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