Netizens are divided over SEVENTEEN, TXT and ENHYPEN shooting something together

Looks like SEVENTEEN, TXT AND ENHYPEN are shooting something together

It was uploaded as a comeback spoiler for ENHYPEN’s next album, but everyone has their mics attached to them and has the same background

1. I’m looking forward to it. I’m so excited

2. Hul, I love this

3. But I wish they weren’t tied together

4. Please reveal something quickly

5. HYBE, what is it!!!?!?!?! What are they doing!!

6. Well, I’m so curious

7. I hope they stop mixing them together when they’re from different companies

8. Is BTS going to be there to? I bet they won’t?

9. I wonder what it is

10. I think it will be released during Chuseok

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