Netizens are excited about Aespa ‘Savage’ concept photos

aespa ‘Savage’ -> 2021.10.05 6PM KST

original post: theqoo

1. NingNing’s hair color is perfect, she’s getting more and more pretty

2. The members are all pretty, Winter’s outfits are my style

3. Every time I see Karina, I’m surprised, she looks like an avatar

4. I think NingNing is seriously pretty this time. That hair color looks good on NingNing

5. I really like Winter’s style……… The concept is good

6. I really think this is the prettiest NingNing since her debut, I’m so glad she got a lot of good reactions this time

7. Giselle suddenly reminds me of The Boyz Juyeon

8. Karina looks like a goddess, she’s so pretty

9. Wow, the photos are so pretty, I’m looking forward to the song

10. I think NingNing is the prettiest

What do you think?

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