Netizens are going crazy over BTS J-Hope’s airport fashion

BTS J-Hope’s departure photos

Grammy + Concert

1. Ahh he dresses so well, I think his fashion style has a balance between simple and bold

2. His clothes are so pretty, he’s so cool

3. Hobi has good fashion sense.. He looks so cool every time I see him at the airport

4. I love Hobi’s clothes

5. He looks cute in his clothes

6. He’s so cute.. I like Hobi’s fashion style so much

7. I think he’s the one who can find clothes that suit him and wear them. He looks so pretty

8. Our Hobi is really stylish and pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Hobi is seriously a fashionista

10. His clothes are so pretty.. As expected from Hobi’s airport fashion

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