Netizens are going crazy over (G)I-DLE’s concept for their first full album

(G)I-DLE 1st Full Album CONCEPT IMAGE 1 : RiSKY Ver

1. Miyeon’s photo is so pretty

2. Wow the members seem to have lost a lot of weight.. They are all so pretty

3. Their outfits are unique, but they don’t look like idols, they look like dancers from Street Woman Fighter

4. Shuhua is so pretty…

5. I really like this concept;

6. The concept is crazy

7. Wow, I’m looking forward to it, the members all look perfect

8. Wow, the concept is crazy.. Miyeon is so pretty..

9. Miyeon is seriously pretty, I don’t think she has a cold face, but she suits this concept so well

10. The concept is amazing

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