Netizens are shocked after watching BLACKPINK’s choreography video

BLACKPINK ‘Pink Venom’ DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO (BLACKPINK’s choreography video)

1. Well, I like the choreography this time

2. This choreography is really crazy

3. Every time I see Jisoo, I always feel awkward

4. Wow Rosé’s energy is no joke

5. Wow, the choreography is good, Rosé is so good

6. I was following all the members at first, but I can’t help but keep my eyes on Lisa

7. I like the choreography, I’m really looking forward to their stage

8. Seriously, there’s nothing Jennie can’t do

9. Jisoo has improved a lot, she’s doing well

10. Jennie is good at dancing too, needless to say Lisa, she’s always good

11. The choreography is crazy, I really want to see the stage soon ㅠㅠ

12. Lisa dances well, the choreography is great

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