Netizens are shocked by BTS Jin’s left and right side profile

BTS Jin’s left and right side profile

He looks pretty from every angle

1. From any angle… Seokjin is always cool

2. One of the reasons why I want to see his acting is his good looks, the right and left face are subtly different so I think he will show himself well through acting

3. The right face looks more handsome and the left face looks younger

4. How can someone be so perfect?

5. After all, facial asymmetry doesn’t matter if you’re handsome

6. I want to see him on the big screen, I hope he will try acting one day

7. He’s really handsome

8. Why doesn’t he act with that face?

9. Wow crazy… It’s amazing that he kept that face for 10 years…!!!

10. I like the right face

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