Netizens are shocked by the visuals of new LE SSERAFIM member ‘Kim Garam’


1. She’s so pretty, she looks like Go Yoon Jung

2. Wow she looks like Kim Minju

3. I wonder where they find these pretty girls? She’s so f*cking pretty

4. Crazy, her proportions look amazing

5. She looks a bit like Kim Doah

6. It’s like when I saw Apink’s Son Naeun for the first time… She’s so pretty

7. Well, she looks like a mix of Go Yoon Jung and Go Min Si’s faces

8. Wow she looks so cute, so pretty

9. She looks like an actress!! I see some celebrities on her face

10. I think she’s a mix of Jennie and Sakura

11. Wow she looks tall and pretty

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