Netizens are so disappointed with Aespa’s outfits at their comeback press conference

Aespa’s article photos at their comeback press conference in real time

original post: theqoo

1. Ahh.. This is too much.. Don’t experiment with weird outfits and hairstyles on pretty kids

2. Every time I see Winter, she looks like Hwang Minhyun

3. Aren’t the Aespa members all very young? Why does their coordi make them look old?

4. I think those outfits don’t suit their age

5. Their outfits are so bad.. The members all look like they’re in their 30s…

6. Karina and NingNing are pretty but their hair colors don’t suit them

7. It’s like they’re wearing their mothers’ clothes

8. Why are they dressed like middle aged women?

9. Wow, they look like office workers, not idols

10. There’s always at least one visual member in every girl group, but Aespa doesn’t seem to have any visual members

11. They’re a rookie group, but they look like they’re in their 5th year..

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