Netizens are surprised to see that HYBE’s boy groups are all million sellers

All of HYBE’s male idols are million sellers

I’m so jealous….

1. That’s right, TXT became million seller this time

2. Well, daebak

3. HYBE’s male idol lineup is seriously amazing

4. And all of them are famous groups in Japan…….

5. How many male idol groups are there in HYBE??? I’m curious

6. Honestly, I think HYBE should just debut boy groups…

7. HYBE’s male idol groups are amazing.. They are all popular in Japan..

8. ENHYPEN is million seller..? I didn’t know

9. Japan really likes HYBE’s boy groupsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. They’re all so popular in Japan too.. HYBE makes a lot of money

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