Netizens are wondering who Jennie’s next boyfriend is

Who will be Jennie’s next boyfriend?

Because of Jennie’s personality, she will soon get bored of V and will date another man, who do you think Jennie’s next boyfriend will be?

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1. [+94, -34] Shut up and look how pretty Jennie looks in her journalist picture today

2. [+88, -105] Jennie suits Seungri, let’s move on to Seungri boyfriend

3. [+85, -37] Jennie never transferred men, stop with your delusion~

4. [+73, -8] Kids, please wake up, why are you like this?

5. [+64, -34] I tried 2nd and 3rd generation, so I recommend her dating Kangta from 1st generation

6. [+49, -18] Jennie’s next boyfriend is likely to be Song Minho

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