Netizens criticize a reporter for s*xually harassing TWICE Momo

‘Shocking expo$ure’ Momo, the angle is close but… current girl group’s bold expo$ure

1. This reporter is crazy, she’s just dressed normally

2. Crazy, it’s just a dress that any girl can wear

3. Although I am not a fan of Momo, I feel offended and I think I can report this reporter for s*xual harassment

4. Can we sue this reporter for s*xual harassment?

5. The title is so dirty…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. This is why I hate reporters

7. The title is f*cking low

8. Are you really from the Joseon Dynasty?

9. Journalist-yah, where are you looking at to be writing an article like this?

10. Do you really only have thoughts like that in your head?

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