Netizens criticize after seeing Lay’s teaser for EXO’s comeback – Knetizen

Lay from EXO’s teaser

original post: theqoo

1. How many members does EXO have? (I’m asking because I’m really curious, I’m not a fan)

2. Is this EXO’s last album?

3. Didn’t he leave EXO????????

4. He’s disgusting

5. He bridged SM’s Chinese dreamㅋ I hate him so much

6. Please leave EXO..

7. SM was sold to China?

8. Let’s boycott EXO’s comeback this time

9. He’s the one who smeared the history of our country.. Let’s boycott EXO

10. He hasn’t left EXO yet?ㅋ He’s disgusting

What do you think?


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