Netizens criticize NMIXX for copying NewJeans?

Is NMIXX copying NewJeans?

Looks like they’re copying NewJeans because NewJeans is hitting big

[+603, -145]

1. [+400, -41] Haewon’s proportions are severe

2. [+287, -28] JYP copies anything that looks a bit good

3. [+227, -41] It’s a daily thing for TWICE, ITZY, and NMIXX copying other idols

4. [+152, -5] Their proportions are bad. NewJeans isn’t super tall either but NMIXX’s proportions are severe

5. [+151, -7] Even if they try to copy them, JYP will never lose their unique outdated feel

6. [+108, -12] Even if they copy NewJeans, they can’t become NewJeans^^

7. [+101, -2] I bet they must feel that they are copying NewJeans while doing it

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