Netizens debate whether Jang Wonyoung or Jennie have the biggest influence on teens

Who do you think has the most influence on teens??

Jang Wonyoung – Vote up
Jennie – Vote down

I’m just curious..
I think the people around me like Jennie more
But Jang Wonyoung seems to have more influence on the internet..

Of course the two of them are pretty princesses

[+329, -235]

1. [+210, -12] It’s like Jennie has the most influence on people in their 20s, 30s and Jang Wonyoung has the most influence on teens

2. [+124, -9] I joined communities and SNS, for teens it’s Jang Wonyoung these days. Jennie seems to be often called their wannabe by women in their 20s. Wonyoung gets a lot more fangirls than haters in their teens. Anyway, the two of them are superstars

3. [+32, -42] Seriously, Jennie…. is falling behind..

4. [+27, -2] But what exactly do the two of them have in terms of influence on teens? (I really don’t know)

5. [+22, -26] Jennie is not as influential as I thought, she is only mentioned when it comes to fashion. It’s like she’s a fashionista instead of a singer?

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