Netizens debate who is the one top male solo artist

Who is the one top male solo artist?

[+29, -13]

1. [+282, -54] In terms of music, talent, star qualities, etc., there is no male idol like GD

2. [+217, -51] GD vs Zico, who is the best idol rapper? GD – vote up, Zico – vote down

3. [+96, -3] Taeyang got daesang 3 times, but he’s always not mentioned, he has a lot of hit songs… Only Look at Me, Wedding Dress, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, RINGA LINGA, I Need A Girl, WHERE U AT

4. [+96, -99] Baekhyun

5. [+70, -4] It’s weird that Taeyang isn’t mentioned in these types of questions.. I’m really proud of Dong Young Bae’s professional skills and attitude

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