Netizens explain the reason Kim Chaewon went to HYBE

I‘ll explain the reason Kim Chaewon went to HYBE

1. Her domestic core fandom is incomparably the top
2. Her core fandom in Japan is big
3. Her general popularity is low, but it’s the highest in the fandom, the balance in her singing and dancing skills is good. She can write lyrics and compose too

Since Sakura is there too, she can draw in a lot of orders from Chinese fans

When Minjoo is there, it will be ‘Three Kims’
(Three Kims = Kim Minjoo, Kim Chaewon and Sakura wished to be a Kim, so Kim Kkura)

Minjoo-ya, please sign on

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1. [+108, -2] Honestly, even though people are saying this and that, money is definitely going to be swept up with that combination

2. [+66, -17] The hearts of the kids who were dropped because of rigging must ache seeing posts like this

3. [+64, -64] I hope they get Jo Yuri

4. [+47, -7] The Three-Kims is amazing

5. [+39, -12] I think Kim Chaewon will be even more popular if she does better with her fan service than she does now. I hope she’ll learn from Kang Hye Won…..

6. [+26, -1] All 3 top Japanese fandoms are there

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