Netizens explain why the reactions are so cool with Joy and Crush’s dating news

The reason why the reactions were so cool for Joy’s dating news

Crush doesn’t have fans who have pseudo-relationships with him

Of course both have likable images too
I think that’s the biggest reason
If she was caught with another male idol, the reactions would have been crazy

original post: pann

1. [+617, -118] There’s that but Joy’s image is good too, right? She’s pretty, kind, and she’s so diligent with her work

2. [+504, -19] I think it’s because it’s been a while Joy debuted too

3. [+454, -7] It’s because she isn’t dating a male idol

4. [+127, -4] Fact: she has few male fans, the other one is not a handsome oppa

5. [+89, -1] I understand, but stop mentioning his name. What the hell are BTS and BTOB fans doing?

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