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The quality of cafeteria food at HYBE

original post: theqoo

1. 2000 won???? Crazy.. Daebak.. I’m more surprised by the price

2. Wow, the food is better than YG and YG was known to give good food

3. Wow… I went to YG’s cafeteria and now I want to go to HYBE’s cafeteria.. I want to go there and taste the food ㅠㅠ

4. This is because the company owner is Bang Si Hyuk

5. Well, the food looks delicious. I want to apply for a job at HYBE

6. The food looks better than the food at certain restaurants

7. I looked at Samsung’s cafeteria menu and thought it was great, but HYBE is even better

8. I want to work part-time in that cafeteria

9. Bang Si Hyuk is serious when it comes to food

10. The employees are so lucky

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