Netizens on Pann are divided over Nayeon’s POP!

What do you think of Nayeon’s POP!?

First of all, I like it

[+449, -160]

1. [+196, -36] First of all, when I first listened to it, I thought it was a great song

2. [+178, -27] It’s like ‘Im Nayeon’s song’. It really suits her

3. [+156, -25] It suits the summer and the music video’s color is so pretty

4. [+143, -9] But… the song is a bit boring ㅜ It sounds empty at the part that goes ‘Pop Pop Pop Pop’ ㅜ But I didn’t mind since Nayeon looks really pretty in the MV, but I still feel sorry for her ㅜ

5. [+103, -15] Nayeon is pretty but the song is a bit disappointing

6. [+64, -48] The song is not good.. has no impact

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What do you think?

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