Netizens point out their favorite members in Aespa, ITZY, STAYC and IVE

Who is your favorite member in Aespa, ITZY, STAYC and IVE?

Tell me your favorite member in Aespa, ITZY, STAYC, and IVE

Ningning, Ryujin, Seeun, Yujin

1. Karina, Ryujin, Seeun, Yujin

2. Karina, Yoon, Yeji, Yujin

3. Winter, Chaeryeong, Sieun, Wonyoung

4. Karina, Yuna, Sieun, Wonyoung. They have nothing in common other than that they are pretty

5. Winter, Ryujin, Yoon, Yujin

6. Karina, Ryujin, Isa, Wonyoung

7. Karina, Yeji, J, Wonyoung

8. Karina, Yuna, J, Yujin

9. Karina, Chaeryeong, Seeun, Yujin

10. Winter, Chaeryeong, Isa, Wonyoung

11. Winter, Chaeryeong, Seeun, Yujin

12. Winter, Ryujin, Seeun, Wonyoung

13. Winter, Ryujin, J, Wonyoung

14. Karina, Yuna, Yoon, Wonyoung

15. Karina, Ryujin, Yoon, Yujin

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Wow I guess this is the official color of Aespa