Netizens praise ITZY’s skills after watching “SNEAKERS” Stage Practice

ITZY “SNEAKERS” Stage Practice (live dance practice video)

1. The members all sing and dance well~~

2. ITZY members dance so well, they’re so talented

3. ITZY is amazing, they are doing well

4. It’s hard to sing while dancing, but they’re amazing…. Lia couldn’t dance well before, but her dancing skills seem to have improved a lot

5. Every time I see Yuna, I’m surprised that she’s so pretty and talentedㅋㅋ She’s really good

6. Yeji and Chaeryeong are really good at dancing

7. Their skills are so good, no one can deny this ㅠㅠ

8. They’re so good, I’m looking forward to the concert

9. Yeji’s voice is so good

10. I got goosebumps.. They are so talented

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