Netizens question Jung Yoomi’s thoughts on Kang Ta’s history of cheating ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Netizens wonder if Jung Yoomi was aware of Kang Ta’s cheating past with Oh Jung Yeon

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+1,532, -38] He basically threw Jung Yoomi’s positive image to the ground

2. [+1,324, -39] They’re birds of a feather, I don’t care anymore

3. [+74, -1] When you date someone like Kang Ta, you end up becoming jealous and obsessive… because you know that habits never die. You’ll constantly be aware of who he’s with and it just doesn’t end well.

4. [+65, -7] She said so herself that she used to run away from home because she liked him so much as an idol. I doubt she cares whether he’s a cheater or not, all that matters is that she’s happy.

5. [+51, -3] Maybe because he was her idol growing up that she’s able to forgive a past like that

6. [+46, -3] As the elders always say, gambling and cheating are never fixable

7. [+39, -1] It doesn’t matter how good of a woman someone may be, she’ll drop to trash if she dates trash

8. [+38, -3] You can never fix gambling and cheating… I feel bad for her.

9. [+37, -1] It’s usually the women with low self esteem who end up being unable to break up with men who cheat on them. Women with high self esteem will immediately drop any man who cheats on them.

10. [+30, -4] Well her image dropped overnight. Her CF deals are basically over. A shame because she had the potential to be bigger than this.

11. [+26, -2] Imagine how nervous she must feel whenever he doesn’t pick up the phone

12. [+26, -5] As a fan, shouldn’t she have felt more disappointed in him for the cheating scandal? Oh Jung Yeon is basically the same situation as her… a former fan turned girlfriend. I don’t believe in hurting others and getting away with it. She needs to realize that he’s capable of doing the same thing to her too.

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