Netizens question the validity of the new digital daesang at the ‘2020 Seoul Music Awards’ ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Taeyeon’s digital daesang from ‘Seoul Music Awards’ questioned on fairness… some claim “made up award in a rush for BTS’ non-attendance”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+508, -94] The point of the article is not asking why Taeyeon won but why the award was made up in the first place. Up until last year, there has always only been one daesang so the question is why there are suddenly two daesangs.

2. [+438, -18] Ceremonies that require fans to pay to vote need to be gotten rid of

3. [+274, -29] I just enjoyed the fact that there weren’t any singers who did sajaegi in attendance

4. [+137, -93] If you look at the digital records last year, Taeyeon shouldn’t have won daesang… her digital rank is lower than a few other singers

5. [+49, -35] The ceremony has always prided itself in giving out one daesang for 29 years and yet they made up another daesang without any prior announcement just so they can give an SM artist a digital daesang that should’ve also been won by BTS since BTS beat out Taeyeon by a landslide in both album and digital sales. BTS has won both album and digital daesang at other award shows already.

6. [+47, -36] This just drops the prestige of the ceremony… why would anyone watch?

7. [+46, -23] The points for the daesang was 60 digital rank, and 40 judges. Taeyeon’s digital points alone made her deserving of daesang.

8. [+38, -16] ‘Seoul Music Awards’ has always been known to be an SM ceremony. Everyone knows that.

9. [+35, -24] Taeyeon deserves it. Every song she’s put out has been an all kill. Why can’t people stand it when she’s successful??? Can’t we just congratulate her??

11. [+35, -77] I don’t think anyone thinks it’s unfair that Taeyeon won daesang

12. [+26, -6] Taeyeon isn’t even the problem. The problem is that the super nugu group NCT, a group that hasn’t even landed in the top 10 on any digital chart, has never even won #1 on a music show, won bonsang ㅋㅋㅋ bonsang. Is this ceremony run by SM?!! Who even knows what NCT Dream is???

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