Netizens react after NMIXX covers BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’

NMIXX – “Kill This Love” live band cover

From the 40th second~

1. Wow seriously they all sing well, especially Sullyoon is amazing

2. Jiwoo even sings better than I thought

3. Everything is seriously good… I personally like Jiwoo’s voice

4. Crazy, I didn’t know Kyujin could sing so well

5. JYP, please give them good songs next time

6. Crazy, why are they so good????

7. NMIXX, let’s release an album and hold a concert

8. I was wondering what ‘Kill This Love’ would be like when NMIXX sang it, but they’re really good, I like all their vocals

9. They are doing so well. It’s not easy to gather all the members who can sing well

10. After Sistar, Mamamoo, and 2NE1.. NMIXX is the next group whose members all sing well

11. Well, Bae’s voice is so good and everyone did so well

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