Netizens react after reading Dispatch’s article regarding Kim Seon Ho’s scandal

Kim Seon Ho… and the 12 ignored truths

original post: theqoo

1. Both are weird

2. Conclusion – It’s Kim Seon Ho’s fault that he didn’t break up with a weird woman in the first place

3. If it’s true, the woman is weird, she lied a lot

4. Either way, Kim Seon Ho’s image was ruined, so that woman got what she wanted

5. Anyway, I hope he doesn’t appear on TV anymore

6. Kim Seon Ho is bad, but that woman is even worse

7. Just because that woman is weird doesn’t mean Kim Seon Ho is the victim..??? He can’t restore his image

8. But the truth is that they had an abortion.. Both are trash

9. Kim Seon Ho was wrong, but the woman is weird too

10. I don’t want to see Kim Seon Ho on TV shows and dramas

11. Finally, the woman’s real name has been revealed.. Dispatch is crazy

12. I don’t want to see Kim Seon Ho anymore, I hate both of them

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