Netizens react after watching NMIXX ‘O.O’ MV teaser 2

NMIXX “O.O” M/V Teaser 2

1. Well, the members’ faces all look so young and pretty

2. I’m worried about the lyrics… But it’s too short, so I’ll have to listen to the song when it’s released ㅠㅠ

3. Well, I’m curious about the song

4. It’s like part of ‘DALLA DALLA’

5. They look like the female version of Stray Kids

6. No, but JYP idols’ dancing skills are so good…. There’s no other girl group that’s as good at dancing as JYP’s girl groups

7. Seeing this makes me more curious about the song

8. If you only heard the sound, you would think ITZY was singing, the rap voice is similar too

9. I’m curious ㅠㅠ I want to see the full version soon

10. What is the difference with ITZY?

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