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Company applies for trademark on BTS’ ‘BORAHAE’

Korean media has recently reported that a cosmetics company has applied for copyright on the term, “BORAHAE“. According to a site that displays registered and requested copyrights, a specialized nail brand, Kipris, had requested for the term to be copyrighted in September 2020.

This was only made known to the public and fans recently. As many will know, the term “BORAHAE” is a special one that many ARMYs treasure. BTS‘s V created the term to refer to the last color of the rainbow, purple, carrying the meaning that both fans and the group will love and trust each other to the end. It has become a trademark catchphrase of both ARMYs and BTS. cr

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1. Where is that company? I want to boycott this f*cker

2. They must have thought that if they trademarked and used it, BTS fans would buy it…

3. Do they have no conscience or do they have no brain?

4. Hey, where’s your conscience?

5. I looked at their homepage and they sell nail products. I don’t buy any products from that company anymore……

6. I think Big Hit should sue them

7. I think BTS can win if they file a lawsuit, but I don’t think they will file a lawsuit

8. You are a thief… Where is your conscience?

9. If they keep doing this, ARMYs all over the world will boycott this company’s products

10. What is Big Hit doing? Why is there still no action…

What do you think?

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