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Aespa’s notice regarding schedule support and birthday gifts..

The announcement stated, “In the future, we won’t be excepting any support or presents at all of aespa’s schedules and other activities, such as their anniversaries or members’ birthdays. While we thank fans for the love they’ve given aespa so far, we’re carefully rejecting any support campaigns currently in the works, and we thankfully accept only the heart behind it from the fans who treasure aespa. We request cooperation and understanding from fans.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. They’re a rookie group, but this is amazing

2. Will they only accept letters?

3. But is this different for each artist even though they are under the same management company? Are they deciding? I saw a post a while ago about Irene getting hundreds of millions of won..

4. I think the weird support culture should go away

5. It’s better not to accept gifts from fans

6. They’re still a rookie group so I’m a bit disappointed, but they made the right decision

7. Aespa is amazing

8. Well, even though they’re rookies, they made the right decision

9. It would have been better if they banned it after Giselle and NingNing’s birthday

10. Daebak, I love Aespa

What do you think?

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