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Kwon Eunbi makes solo debut

She said she’s working on a solo album

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1. Wishing you success like Chungha

2. I think Eunbi will go solo… Even if she joins ‘Rocket Punch’ she’ll do well, but Eunbi has a strong image as the eldest sister and leader. I think she’s good enough to make a solo debut!

3. Kwon Eunbi is really good on stage

4. Will she make a solo debut? I’m looking forward to itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I think she will do well because she has good skills, I hope she makes her solo debut with a good concept

6. I support Eunbi ❤️ Fighting!

7. Oh, I’m looking forward to Kwon Eunbi’s solo

8. When she smiles, I feel like she looks a little older

9. Has her makeup style changed? She looks like a different person

10. Eunbi is so good at dancing and singing, so I’m looking forward to her solo!

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