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Louis Vuitton x BTS fashion film

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original post: theqoo

1. The video is better than I thought.. J-Hope wears unique clothes perfectly, and V’s vibe is amazing

2. RM looks like a model and his aura is amazing

3. J-Hope’s hair is so cool! I can see that he uses his body so well.. Jin and V’s facial expressions are very good, their acting is so natural and good

4. Jin is just a model

5. I like Jin, every time I see him, he looks like a real actor, but his proportions are also so good. Looking at his proportions, he’s a model

6. Suga did so well

7. I don’t care much about BTS but every time I see Jin, I go crazy, I think it’s a mannequin..

8. V -> Jungkook -> Jin is like a movie

9. BTS is so chic.. Jimin, J-Hope, and Jin’s outfits match them well

10. Suga’s hair color suits him so well

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