Netizens react to the fashion company founded by Jessica being sued for default

“The loan of 8 billion won”… Fashion group founded by Jessica is sued for default

Joyking Enterprise filed a lawsuit against BLANC & ECLARE founded by Jessica for failure to pay back the loan principal and interest, totaling 8 billion won

original post: theqoo

1. She failed later than I thought…

2. After looking at the designs and prices, I wonder who would buy those clothes?

3. What’s even more surprising is that they’ve been dating for 8 years

4. Why is this exploding now? Does she have no money? I think she should join Squid Game

5. She has a lot of money so we don’t need to worry about her

6. Well, I’m not surprised

7. Jessica left SNSD before they did the tours, right? SNSD had more activities after Jessica left, so I don’t think Jessica really made a lot of money…

8. Well, are the two of them still dating?

9. No, I bet the kids here don’t even have 800,000 won. For Jessica, 8 billion won is nothing

10. But isn’t Jessica just an entrepreneur now? Why did they write articles about her?

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