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School 2021 lead cast confirmed

Kim Yohan will play the role of Gong Ki Jun, a former taekwondo athlete of 11 years who gives up his dreams due to an injury. He enrolls in a vocational high school, and while he is mature for his age, he doesn’t know how to act around girls, especially ones he likes

Kim Young Dae will play the role of Jung Young Joo, a transfer student who holds a secret. He shares a secret past with Gong Ki Jun

Cho Yi Hyun will play the role of Jin Ji Won, a confident high school girl with a solid dream. She is very proud and even though she is in an on-going conflict with her mother in the K-Drama, she is very open about expressing her opinions.

Hwang Bo Reum Byul will play the role of Kang Seo Young, a smart girl who is preparing for the college entrance exams and is targeting one of the top 5 universities in Korea. cr

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1. Why is Kim Young Dae so handsome?

2. I’m looking forward to it.. The cast is good, but I hope the script is good too

3. Wow, the two of them are handsome, I’m looking forward to this drama

4. I know the male actors, but this is my first time seeing the actresses, so I’m looking forward to them

5. Kim Yohan and Kim Young Dae are both good, I’ll watch it

6. Both actresses are pretty

7. If Kim Yohan’s pronunciation is well edited, the drama will be worth watching

8. The characters are so interesting, I hope everyone will like it

9. I’m looking forward to Kim Young Dae

10. Oh, Cho Yi Hyun’s acting is good, so I’m looking forward to it ㅋㅋ

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