Netizens realized that Red Velvet is shorter than they thought

Red Velvet is shorter than I thought

Is Joy for real?

[+114, -25]

1. [+83, -1] Isn’t Red Velvet famous for being short?

2. [+78, -2] Joy is 166, Seulgi is 160 or 161 and the other members are all 150

3. [+69, -2] There’s a reason why Joy always stands on the side…

4. [+41, -2] Wow so there’s a reason why Joy is always standing on the side. When she stands in the middle, you can only see Joy…

5. [+24, -1] I thought Joy was 170, but it’s because the other girls are too short

6. [+20, -39] A perfect group except for the height

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