Netizens say Sullyoon’s visuals are the top of the 4th generation

Wow look at Sullyoon..

She’s so freaking pretty;;

[+188, -34]

1. [+68, -13] For me, her visuals are the top of the 4th generation.. How can someone be so pretty?

2. [+55, -2] She’s seriously so pretty, she looks like a Ball-jointed doll

3. [+34, -2] It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a pretty deer-like female idol

4. [+18, -29] A lot of people say she’s pretty while she’s not that pretty. It’s a pretty face but it’s a common type so it’s nothing special

5. [+14, -3] Sullyoon is so pretty. For me, the top 3 visuals of the 4th generation are Jang Wonyoung, Yuna, Sullyoon

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